Slow Cooker Gammon Joint (Best honey roast ham!)

This slow cooker gammon is delicious, requires minimum prep, and is the perfect make-ahead meal


Start by adding your gammon joint to your slow cooker

Add the onion, carrots, cola/coke and spices. Gently stir and cover with the lid

Add wholegrain mustard, honey, brown sugar and rice wine vinegar

Mix together the ingredients for the glaze with a fork or spoon

Once cooked, remove the ham from your slow cooker and drain the juices

Place on a foil lined tray. Remove the outside layer (rind), leaving a layer of fat 

Score the fat with a knife, then coat the ham with the glaze, using an oil brush or your hands

Pop in the oven to brown and cook further.  Baste throughout before removing and leave to rest

Carve the ham before serving or refrigerate to serve cold

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