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Healthy Crustless Pizza Bowl

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A healthy pizza bowl dish that only requires a few minutes of prep work? It’s true! Whip up this recipe for meal prep or to share with family/friends.
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Makes: 5
mains, meal prep

These crustless pizza bowls are a healthier version of pizza that helps satisfy cravings. This pizza bowl is similar to a burrito bowl, as you skip the tortilla (in this case, the crust) and add the typical toppings to a bowl.

Melted cheese and sauce being lifted from ramekin with fork making a cheese pull.

What is a pizza bowl? Here’s why you’ll love it

You can add your favourite toppings the pizza bowl, the only difference is this pizza is crustless! You’ll layer in sausage, veggies, sauce and cheese in each ramekin to create those familiar pizza flavours.

Since you’re skipping the crust, you’re making a low-carb dish. It’s a win-win situation! Here are a few reasons you’ll love this keto pizza bowl recipe. 

  • Pizza bowls are easy to customize, so you can add whichever toppings you’d like!
  • Each crustless pizza bowl features sausage for protein and multiple types of veg to boost the micronutrients. 
  • This recipe for pizza in a bowl is an easy way to prep meals for the week, as you’ll have five servings already portioned out (one per ramekin). 

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Crustless Pizza Bowl ingredients laid out and labelled on a pale blue background.

Pork Sausage Meat

Pork sausage meat
Pork sausage meat in your no-crust pizza bowl helps create a familiar pizza flavour. Turkey pepperoni is another excellent option for boosting protein.

Using courgette helps keep this pizza bowl keto, increasing how filling the dish is. This way, you can skip the crust, yet still feel full after enjoying a low-carb pizza bowl.

Aubergine is another excellent way to make low-carb pizza bowls more filling. If you do not enjoy the flavour of aubergine, you can use double the amount of courgette or add some mushrooms.

Passata gives the best consistency and flavour for the pizza sauce. Canned tomatoes could result in a bit more of a watery sauce, but you mix in some tomato paste to add depth of flavour.

By adding mozzarella, you’re adding in more protein and helping the dish feel indulgent. You can also use shredded cheddar cheese or any cheese you enjoy.

See the recipe card for full information on ingredients and quantities.

How to make pizza bowls

  1. Start by chopping the courgettes into small cubes/quarters (Image 1).

2. Chop the aubergines into small chunks and the mushrooms into thin slices and then add to a large add to large bowl with the courgettes (Image 2).

Step by step photos; the first with chopped courgettes on a wooden chopping board and the second with sliced mushrooms in a glass bowl on top of vegetables.

3. Then add the sausages (de-cased and roughly torn) (Image 3).

4. Add olive oil, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. If you like spice, add chilli flakes. Toss to get everything incorporated (Image 4).

Step by step process shots  - the first with sausage meat in a bowl over veggies and the second with everthing in bowl mixed together.

5. To five ramekins, add a serving of mixed veg and sausage (Image 5).

6. Pop in the oven for 30 minutes to brown/take on some colour (Image 6).

Step by step process shots - with sausage and veg in ramekins before and after baking.

7. Add a serving of passata into each ramekin (Image 7).

8. Mix the tomato sauce together with the sausage and vegetable mix (Image 8).

step by step process shots: the first with 2 ramekins with passata added and 2 bowls with tomato mixed in.

9. Top with a layer of mozzarella and pop in the oven for a further 10 minutes (Image 9).

10. When the cheese is golden and melted, remove from oven. Top with thinly sliced jalapeno & finely chopped chives. (Image 10).

step by step shots: the first one with tomato stirred in and the  with grated cheese added the second with a ramekin baked with golden browned topping.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try to chop the veg into similarly sized pieces. Otherwise, some pieces will be undercooked while others are fully cooked. Your chopping skills don’t have to be perfect, but do your best to cut the pieces evenly.
  • Removing the casing of the sausage is vital. If you don’t remove the casing, you’ll be left with chewy bites that are not as appetising. 
  • Use your favourite pizza toppings! Add fun toppings, like fresh basil or banana peppers, for an even more flavourful dish.

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Close up of crustless pizza bowl with a piece taken out and topped with chopped fresh chives.


There are many ways you can make these keto bowls! Skip the sausage and double the aubergine for a filling vegetarian option. Make it vegan by swapping out the mozzarella with a dairy-free version. You can also skip the cheese altogether, and you’ll have a tasty vegan pizza bowl.


What size ramekin should I use?

I prefer using a 12-ounce ramekin for each pizza bowl (6 inches in diameter). This size is ideal for creating individual main dishes. Smaller ramekins may not hold all the ingredients for each serving. A slightly larger ramekin will also work, though the ingredients will be more spread out. 

Can I make this recipe vegetarian?

Yes! You can easily make this recipe vegetarian. As noted above, you can add more veggies to help make the dish more filling. Or, you can use a vegetarian meat swap, like a meatless sausage.

How do I use this recipe for meal prep?

Since the ramekins are already portioned out, turning this pizza bowl recipe into meal prep is quite simple. After the pizza bowls are cooked and out of the oven, allow them to cool completely. Then, put a Ziploc bag around each ramekin and seal, ensuring the seal is air-tight.

When you’re ready to reheat a pizza bowl, remove the bag and reheat it in the oven for 5-6 minutes. If you’re at the office, you can also microwave the ramekin for a few minutes until the cheese is melty and everything is heated thoroughly.

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Overhead shot of baked cheesy pizza in a ramekin toped woith jalapeños.

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Healthy Crustless Pizza Bowl

4.63 from 8 votes
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
mains, meal prep
Servings: 5
A healthy pizza bowl dish that only requires a few minutes of prep work? It’s true! Whip up this recipe for meal prep or to share with family/friends.


  • 2 courgettes, chopped into small cubes (£0.80)
  • 1 aubergine, chopped into small cubes (£0.75)
  • 200 g mushrooms, thinly sliced (£0.50)
  • 454 g (8 pork sausages), casing removed and roughly torn (£0.96)
  • 500 g passata (£0.45)
  • 250 g mozzarella, grated (£1.99)
  • 1 bunch fresh chives, thinly sliced (£0.50)
  • Optional ; Fresh jalapeno, thinly sliced (not pickled)

Cupboard Essentials

  • 1 tsp Italian seasoning
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Chilli flakes


Preheat oven to 200°C

  • To a large bowl, add the prepped veggies and sausages (de-cased and roughly torn). Add olive oil, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. If you like spice, add chilli flakes. Toss to get everything incorporated.
  • To five ramekins, add a serving of mixed veg and sausage. Pop in the oven for 15 minutes to brown/take on some colour.
  • Next, add a serving of passata into each ramekin and stir to combine. Top with a layer of mozzarella and pop in the oven for a further 10 minutes, or until the cheese is golden and melted.
  • Top with thinly sliced jalapeno and fresh chives.


  • Remove sausage casing for better texture.
  • Chop vegetables into similar sizes to ensure even cooking.
  • Use preferred pizza toppings for added flavor.


Servings: 5 servings
Fat: 27g
Calories: 451kcal
Carbohydrates: 25g
Protein: 26g
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